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Happy anniversary

February the 13th 2012, right to the day one year ago (it feels like forever to me) CursorAdjust, my first extension, got published in Opera's catalog. …



Smart Clipboard 1.3.1

modern scroll is awesome, but it's not my only extension (Although you can easily think it is by just looking at this first blog page :whistle:)

That's why here's a little update for Smart Clipboard :up: …


Three at one blow

Documents Smart Clipboard modern scroll


Smart Clipboard


Smart Clipboard nearing release

Okay, so here we go.

I've put a lot of work into it during the last few days, but now – as long as I didn't forget to do half of the basic stuff I planned to implement on my way – Smart Clipboard reached a beta stage.

How it's supposed to work:

Smart Clipboard enhances your clipboard by adding a history as well as a section for custom texts. …