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modern scroll 2.4.4

Here's a little update for those of you who are not aboard the Next-train yet 😉 …



modern scroll 2.2.1

I told you that you shouldn't expect a lot in here during the next two weeks because of my rare spare time.

But I know that you like getting new stuff as much as I do. That's why I couldn't help but do a little bug fix release at least :up: …


Smart Clipboard 1.3.1

modern scroll is awesome, but it's not my only extension (Although you can easily think it is by just looking at this first blog page :whistle:)

That's why here's a little update for Smart Clipboard :up: …


Localizing injectedscripts

Good morning all of you,

I bet some of you already came across this issue:
you injected something in a website which contained a text that had to be translated into different languages. Unlike all of the other scenarios (popup, options page, background script), injectedscripts do not have any access to the files within the extension – until now.

Opera 12.10 introduces the new Resource Loader API, which is capable of fetching files according to Opera's folder-localization algorithm. Ready to rumble? Let's get started! …